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Zeus once again high on the TOP500 list

Zeus once again high on the TOP500 list

In the November 2011 edition of the TOP500 list of the most powerful computers in the world, the Zeus cluster from ACC Cyfronet AGH took a high, 88 place, thereby maintaining the first place in Poland.

At present, Zeus operates in the following configuration:

  • 162,41 Tflops of theoretical computing power (actual power: 128,79 Tflops),
  • 22 TB (terabytes) of RAM,
  • memory storage capacity of 1.8 PB (petabytes).

Zeus is using the Scientific Linux (SL) operating system and is assigned to the scientific computations.

Additionally, this year, Zeus has been extended with a modern vSMP (versatile SMP) environment, which offers the ability to dynamically create virtual SMP machines (Symmetric Multiprocessing, i.e. systems with shared memory), adapted to the different needs of users.

Zeus is a part of the all-Poland grid infrastructure created in the framework of the PL-Grid project. Thanks to this project the purchase of the hardware (the computer and storage) for ACC Cyfronet AGH was financed.

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