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In the framework of the Project we conduct a number of activities promoting PL-Grid, its aims and tasks. These activities aim at wide dissemination of information about possibilities of supporting the research in Poland with high performance computing on the infrastructure created by the Project's consortium. This infrastructure is made available free of charge.


PL-Grid project initiatives

One of the Project's promotion activities is organization of seminars, workshops and grid conferences in Poland, during which the participants have opportunity to obtain information on the available infrastructure and possibilities of using it to perform the high performance computing, as well as on other elements of the Project's offer. Information concerning these type of events is available in the News section.


Popularization of the Project's offer

The Polish initiative of the computational infrastructure and its offer are also advertised through active participation of the Project's representatives in other, large, national and international conferences (talks, exhibitions advertising the Project's achievements, demonstrations of applications and tools, etc.). The participants of these events are able to obtain information about the Project, its achievements and further perspectives of e-infrastructure's development in Poland.

Information on the upcoming and past events concerning the grid technologies and high performance computing is available on the Project web site in the Events section.


Promotional materials

A set of promotional materials, like brochures, presentations, articles and demonstration videos, is available on the Project web site (in the PR materials section).


PL-Grid in community and other portals

Information on the PL-Grid project is also systematically updated in the following portals: Twitter, Facebook  and YouTube. Please visit our web sites in these portals.


All interested in: Project's materials, participation in events organized by PL-Grid or information about other current and planned undertakings, please contact:

Zofia Mosurska
e-mail: z.mosurska at



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