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See the brochure about g-Eclipseg-Eclipse is a framework devoted to users, operators and grid programmers. It is made available as an open-source software.
g-Eclipse allows for job and data management in the Grid, configuration of the elements of the Grid and creation of grid applications. g-Eclipse defines also the extension points, which allow the programmers for the additional extension of the functionality.

g-Eclipse is designed with a middleware independent model; support for specific Grid middleware is implemented to conform with the g-Eclipse model. Currently g-Eclipse supports the gLite and GRIA middlewares, implementing plugins for Virtual Organisation management, job and file management, infrastructure and application monitoring, application deployment, data visualisation, and workflow design.

See the brochure about g-Eclipse.

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Deployment information: On 7.01.2011 g-Eclipse has been deployed on the PL-Grid infrastructure. The software is available in the PL-Grid Software Repository. The Instruction (in Polish) was also prepared for easy installation and configuration of that environment.



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