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Migrating Desktop Platform

md_smallThe aim of the Migrating Desktop is to provide scientists with a framework which hides the details of most Grid services and allows for setting up and interactively controlling complex systems. A graphical user interface that integrates and makes use of number of middleware that enables user interaction with the application.

The Migrating Desktop framework allows the user to access the Grid resources, run interactive applications, monitoring and visualization, and manage data files. MD provides a front-end framework for embedding some of the application mechanisms and interfaces, and allows the user to have virtual access to Grid resources from other computational nodes.

See the brochure about Migrating Desktop.

See the movie presenting the Migrating Desktop framework capabilities in YouTube.

The tool is available at:


Deployment information: On 19.05.2011 Migrating Desktop has been deployed on the PL-Grid infrastructure. The software is available at the The Instruction (in Polish) was also prepared for easy use of that environment.



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