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User support

The persons using the computational resources of the PL-Grid project can count on support and professional help in solving various problems concerning access to- and performing computations on these resources.

We offer:

  • technical support at adaptation of currently used tools to have them functioning in the new conditions,
  • help in understanding of issues concerning running scientific software packages on the distributed computational resources,
  • technical and information support at development of the users' own scientific applications and at their implementation on the PL-Grid infrastructure. 

The support procedures are also provided through the helpdesk.


Helpdesk in the PL-Grid project

helpdesk_sIt is a novel support system for persons using the project resources, which involves technical services and organization of the experts' current support for users (trouble tickets service).

Helpdesk is an important part of the plan of getting used the Polish scientists to the work in the new environment. It is also necessary to collect the knowledge required by the users in such a form, that it could help them effectively use the computational environment.

The key element of the support organization is creation of the group of experts, who actively help by answering the users' direct questions as well as by preparation of advices and systematic updates of the knowledge base for users.


All interested in getting access to the helpdesk and knowledge base please contact:
e-mail: helpdesk at

The users who already have an account in the PL-Grid infrastructure, can also use the online helpdesk system, available at:



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