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gadzetyIn the framework of the PL-Grid project's promotional activities, various products and items are created. On these materials the Project web site URL is placed, together with the logos of PL-Grid, Innovative Economy Operational Program and European Regional Development Fund, which co-finances the Project. PL-Grid promotional materials are distributed free of charge among the potential users of the PL-Grid computational infrastructure - participants of the seminars, conferences and training organized in the framework of PL-Grid or other events, during which the Project is advertised, either through presentations given by the Project's representatives or exhibition stands organized.

The following promotional products and items have been designed, produced, and distributed until now:

  • notebooks and self-stick notes,
  • folders,
  • binders,
  • magnetic bookmarks with a calendar,
  • USB pen drives (two types),
  • mouse pads,
  • eco-friendly bags,
  • pens (two types) and pencils (two colours),
  • highlighters,
  • T-shirts,
  • mugs and lollipops,
  • thermal mugs,
  • umbrellas.



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