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The e-infrastructure realized in the framework of the Project is the base, on which we create the specialized systems specific for various fields of science, involving services and tools oriented on the used types of applications (see Fig. 1 below).


Fig.1: The PL-Grid project structure (see the larger image).

The solutions used during building of this e-infrastructure are from the beginning integrated with similar platforms in the world, and in particular - with grid systems created as a result of the EGEE and DEISA projects. The PL-Grid Consortium represents Poland in the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI).
The e-infrastructure software comprises (going from the user to the hardware):

  • user's tools like: portals, systems for applications' management and monitoring, result visualization and other purposes, compatible with the lower-layer software used in the Project,
  • software libraries,
  • virtual organizations' systems including: certificates and accounts' subsystems, accounting, security subsystem,
  • data management system: metadata catalogues, replica management, file transfer,
  • resource management system including: job management, applications, grid services and infrastructure monitoring, license management, local resource management.

The above mentioned systems are being built on the base of the software created in the framework of the EGEE and DEISA projects (the greatest number of users is using it currently) as well as a result of the development of the software created in the framework of other EU IST projects, mainly those, in which the Polish groups participated. The software is being installed in such a way, that the e-infrastructure resources could be used - as a production platform - by the users of these systems.
Within the Project there exist 3 types of the infrastructure: production, developer and testing one. For the proper functioning of the Project in the future, it is necessary to monitor the progress in the area of the grid systems, and - on this base - suggesting the improvements to the e-infrastructure being created.



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